May, 16 2019 - Insights
How 250 People Transformed Their Minds with Safe, Legal, and Professionally-Guided Psychedelic Experiences

…and Synthesis’ plans to build a world where all of us have the opportunity to do the same.

April, 30 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What are Magic Truffles?

Find out about magic truffles, or psychedelic truffles, a psychedelic related to magic mushrooms.

April, 30 2019 - Psychedelic Science
Psychedelics and Age

“I’ve begun to wonder if perhaps these remarkable molecules might be wasted on the young, that they may have more to offer us later in life, after the cement of our mental habits and everyday behaviors has set.”

April, 27 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What are Magic Mushrooms?

What are magic mushrooms, or shrooms? What are the effects of shrooms? What types of shrooms are there? Are shrooms legal? What are magic truffles?

April, 23 2019 - Insights
The History of Psychedelic Benefits

The growing awareness of the medicinal benefits of psychedelics in the West has been dubbed the “psychedelic renaissance.” Unlike the counterculture movement of the 1960s and ‘70s, this psychedelic emergence is fuelled by contemporary science and the potential for psychedelics to treat the rising tide of mental health conditions in our societies.

April, 23 2019 - Psychedelic Science
Psilocybin and the default mode network

Learn about the default mode network (DMN) and its relationship with psilocybin. The brain network linked to usual, everyday consciousness, psilocybin is said to dissolve the DMN, allowing the mind to experience ego-dissolution.

April, 20 2019 - Psychedelic Science
Can you take psychedelics on antidepressants?

Many people who want to take magic mushrooms are already on a prescription and want to know whether their medication is safe to combine with psychedelic substances.

April, 16 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What is a Truffles retreat?

What's a truffles retreat? Why do we use truffles? Why are we based in the Netherlands?

April, 12 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What is psilocybin?

Learn about psilocybin, the psychoactive molecule found in magic, or psilocybin, mushrooms. Where psilocybin is legal, how it affects the brain, how long it stays in your system, and more.

April, 11 2019 - Stories
Ripping open the veil

Read this personal story of one participants journey at a Synthesis Retreat in the Netherlands.

April, 9 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What is Psilocin?

Read about psilocin, a psychedelic compound found in magic mushrooms and truffles. Find out what psilocin is, how it works, how long it stays in your system, as well as how long it can be detected in blood and urine.

April, 5 2019 - Psychedelic Science
What Is A Mystical Experience?

Those who undergo mystical experiences often feel bliss, ecstasy, unconditional love and interconnectedness. Considered immensely meaningful or profound, they're known to shatter some of your preconceptions and can lead to a spiritual awakening.⁠