Psychiatry expert Dr. Tim Read joins Synthesis as Lead Supervisor


We’re proud to welcome Dr. Tim Read to Synthesis as the new Lead Supervisor to support and train our retreat team of facilitators. Tim has decades of expertise and experience as a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and clinical psychiatrist.


Tim Read - Intro (subtitles)


With an extensive professional career in mental healthcare, Tim holds degrees in neuroscience and in medicine. He is trained in clinical psychiatry, psychoanalytic psychotherapy (IGA), transpersonal psychotherapy (GTT) with Stanislav Grof, mindfulness (MBSR) and is a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator.

“We’re honored to announce that Dr. Tim Read is joining the team,” says Rachel Aidan, Director of Operations at Synthesis. “Tim has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology, and we are honored to welcome him to our team. Tim plays a critical role in pioneering best practices in the evolution of psychedelic-assisted healthcare and well-being.”

Tim’s main interest is the interface between psychiatry and transpersonal psychology. Tim is author of Walking Shadows: Archetype and Psyche in Crisis and Growth (2014) and has co-edited Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency (Evan and Read 2020). Into the Deep: Integrating Psychedelics and Psychotherapy by Read and Papaspyrou will be published in 2021.

“Psychedelic support can not only help recover from mental illness, it can also help people to learn, grow and develop towards reaching their potential as a human being,” says Dr. Tim Read. “With highly trained facilitators, legal and professional retreats like Synthesis are a safe place for people to experience a psilocybin journey. Psychedelics can amplify the archetypal components of consciousness and be a catalyst for transpersonal growth. I'm excited to work with Synthesis to ensure the excellent quality services continue as the startup grows.”

Tim’s ethos is to seek to engage the deep psyche and work with people’s psychological wounds in a way that promotes healing and growth, both individually and collectively. His professional career includes leading the Crisis Intervention Service and the Psychiatric Liaison service for twenty years at the Royal London Hospital. He has been a Clinical Director and College Tutor, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and a member of the Psychiatry and Spirituality group. He has held honorary academic appointments at London University and in recent years he has engaged with the clinical research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics around the world.

Dr. Tim Read’s role as Lead Supervisor

  • Train the facilitator team to provide expert psychedelic support
  • Supervision and support our team of psychedelic facilitators in their interpersonal and intrapersonal development
  • Lead and develop best practices for the medical and psychological support team



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