Seven factors that affect a psychedelic experience

Which seven factors influence a psychedelic experience? How do our retreats at Synthesis support these? We implement the latest neuroscience research to refine our psilocybin retreats to create a safe and transformational experience.

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How are the seven factors are implemented at Synthesis?


1. Preparation

At Synthesis, we make sure you feel completely prepared for your psychedelic experience. We ensure it’s safe for you through our health screener, and you have a free exploration call with a guide to talk through your intentions, questions, and concerns. Once you’ve secured your retreat, there are preparation group calls and you also receive a guide on how to prepare so that you feel fully ready for your profound experience.⁠


2. Type of Psychedelic

Our guests take psilocybin truffles for their psychedelic experience. Profound effects include body sensations, deep emotional insights, and mystical experiences.


3. Dose

The psychedelic trip can last 4-8 hours, depending on the dose and your sensitivity. For introspective trips, 25g psilocybin truffles is equivalent to the dose often used in clinical trials, but with your input, we find a dose on retreat that works for you. ⁠


4. How to Consume

At our retreats, participants drink truffle tea with fresh ginger. It helps to settle the stomach, reduces physical discomfort, and improves the earthy flavour.


5. Set

⁠A group tea ceremony helps our participants to feel calm, safe, and introspective. ⁠


6. Setting

⁠For the psychedelic experience, participants enjoy our group dynamic in a musical, mind-folded ceremony.

Our crafted environment and supportive guides amplify the profound nature of the experience, allowing you to go deep inside and do the true work.⁠


7. Integration

⁠During and after our retreats, we support participants with coaching and sharing circles. We encourage you to practice self-care (before & after) to embody your new insights. Try free-writing, breathwork, solo walks in nature and mindfulness meditation.


This infographic is inspired by research by Lawrence & Carhart-Harris (Synthesis advisory board)⁠, 2019


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