August, 14 2020 - Psychedelic Science
Set & Setting with Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris

How important are your mindset and your environment in a psychedelic experience? Watch the video where leading neuroscientist Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris explains.

July, 22 2020 - Insights
Healing and Peak States with Jamie Wheal

What’s the relationship between healing and peak states? Jamie Wheal of Flow Genome Project explains how peak states of altered consciousness help us identify areas of self-improvement, and even ‘level up’ in this game called life.

July, 8 2020 - Insights
5 Summer Recipes from the Synthesis Kitchen

Hello! Lotte here, I’m the Lead Chef at the the retreats. Here are five delicious and healthy recipes from our kitchen, perfect for the Summer months.

May, 27 2020 - News
Letter from Synthesis co-founder Martijn Schirp about his transition from CEO to Chief Visionary Officer

With gratitude and optimism, co-founder Martijn Schirp shares an announcement on his new role transition, as Rachel Aidan becomes CEO.

May, 7 2020 - Insights
What is your Shadow Self? How to do Shadow Work

Shadow work, according to the psychology of Carl Jung, is the act of processing our darker sides of self that are repressed in our subconscious.

April, 17 2020 - Stories
Writer Angela Addresses Trauma with a Psychedelic Retreat at Synthesis

Angela came to Synthesis to work through deep personal trauma with a psychedelic experience at one of our retreats. Discover her story and reflection here.

April, 16 2020 - Psychedelic Science
How do psychedelic mushrooms and truffles boost mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the quality of being present, and there are vast benefits for your mental health. Read how psilocybin psychedelic retreats can boost your mindfulness.

April, 9 2020 - Insights
Ways of Transformation and the Renewal Process

How can we find meaning within a crisis? Taking an intentional deep dive into the realms of our consciousness requires courage. Find out how transformational change can be an awakening of a new version of yourself.

March, 25 2020 - Insights
The power of music in psychedelic experiences, plus three playlists

How does music enhance your psychedelic experience? And how do experts curate the playlists for magic mushroom ceremonies?

March, 23 2020 - Stories
Doctor Keith shares second psychedelic experience

How did Keith’s introspective trip in the Lighthouse help him face his fears and boost his connection with the people around him? Watch his interview to find out.

March, 22 2020 - Psychedelic Science
Scientists say psychedelics boost your creativity

From designers to biologists, psychedelics have been proven to increase levels of creativity. Here's the science explaining the research.

March, 19 2020 - Insights
10 ways to improve your well-being with mindfulness

Mindfulness can be therapeutic for your mental health. Discover ten easy things you can do to boost your well-being.

March, 12 2020 - Insights
Top five mind-opening books on psychedelics

Here are five key books that share compelling ideas on the science, history and the life-changing potential of a psychedelic experience.

March, 7 2020 - Insights
Is it better to take psychedelics alone or in a group?

Explore the many benefits of taking psychedelics in a collective group retreat, including a boost in mindfulness, well-being and connection.

February, 21 2020 - Stories
Why my psychedelic journey was a perfect start to 2020

When Sibren took a psychedelic journey, he didn't know what would happen. Discover what a psilocybin retreat is like, and how it changed his view on life.